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A Demonstration site for Web-based applications                                             

"I keep six honest serving-men(They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who."


---did we create this site? Try This Out has a series of demonstration web sites and applications. We are a software development company, specialising in Agile Development and web based systems. Try This Out lets our clients do just that, try out new applications and web site designs before we install them in a live environment.

Please see our list of Products and Services for more details of what we offer


...can you use this site? If it is an application we are developing for a client, you should have been sent an email with your ID and how to log in. If you think you should have one, then use this link to ask for details.

Some demonstrations are freely available for anyone to experiment with, just have a look under   "How does this work?" for a list.

Where? find us. For a map to our offices and all means of communicating with us please see  our contact details page.


...does this work? You should have been sent instructions by email, but don't worry, each application has full instructions. Just add its name to this website address (remember to keep any capitals, so for example for our demonstration of the well known PphpBB forum system.

See Demonstrators  for a full list of all the demonstration applications which are available for any one to try. Test systems for our clients are only accessible by their staff.


... are we? This site is owned and operated by HMW Computing on behalf of the 4xtra Alliance


...information do we keep about you when you visit this site? On this page, absolutely nothing. Some of the applications
will need to store a cookie, other might offer you a newsletter subscription or ask for some details to let you try themout.

Don't worry, the cookie is for your logged-on session only, we delete it when you're finished. All newsletter subscriptions are only for your experiments and always have a "cancel my subscription" option.

We only hold whatever information the application you are trying out needs. We don't use it for any other purpose and we never give your details to anyone else. All details will be deleted when you've finished your experiments.

Check the links below for our full privacy policy, terms and conditions and all legal information.