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A Demonstration site for Web-based applications                                             

We have spent a considerab;e amount of effort selecting the "best of breed" web-based systems across the full spectrum of requirements:

Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are the top three Open Source content Management systems (CMS). All three have strengths and weaknesses. We tend to recommend a particular system depending on the exact requirements of the intended project. Wordpress is excellent for blogging, Joomla has a wealth of additional features and Drupal can deliver enterprise scale work loads. A CMS can be the development base of many on-line applications for specific business areas. All three can use templates or themes so that the layout, colours and every aspect of the appearence of the site can be tailored.

eGroupware and Horde both provide web-based email, calendars, contact and task management, They provide all the facilities you require to enable collaboration between teams, even if they are located in widely separated offices. vTiger adds a fully functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to these features.
If this seems more complex than needed and what is required is to share documents amongst remote sites then OpenDocMan provides a powerfull and easy to use document management system.

MediaWiki, because of it use underpinning Wikipedia, is undoubtedly the most popular Wiki software. We also recommend TWiki, a powerful structured wiki, which we use ourselves for may internal systems, such as knowledge sharing, ISO9000 compliance, document and project management. The best demonstration we can provide is guest access to our own implementation.

phpBB is recommended for on-line discussion forums, It is one of the most widely used systems where the need is to provide support for a distributed user or client base.
GNU Social provides a social network, similar to the features of Facebook or Twitter, with which it can be linked. It is suitable for organizations which would like to have the productivity advanatages of social interaction between staff (and clients), but do not wish to ommit sensitive information to public or third party sites.

Moodle is a specialized on-line learning platform, used by schools, colleges and universities wolrldwide. 

webERP is a f#ully fledged stock control, invoicing and accounting system. It is used in many countries and industries to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to companies which have serveral offices and factories without the need for a large in-house data centre. 

RazorCMS is a lightweight CMS, quick and easy to install and capable of producing small sites - such as this one - but can also scale to larger requirements without the need of a separate database. We do not maintain a permenant demoinstrator for RazorCMS as it is so quick to set up indivudual systems when requierd.